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Tuition Assistance Program

Oh the places you will go! You are headed off to great things - and we'd like to support you on the way! It's no secret that higher education is expensive. Our Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) is designed to provide financial compensation - on top of your earned income - that can be directly applied to your educational costs. Based on schedule and hours worked, the TAP is comprised of three monetary categories and add up to an earning potential of $1,000 per semester. Click the button below to enroll and get started! 

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Eligibility Requirements

Interested employees will need to upload a PDF of their course schedules to the TAP portal no later than the second week of classes. Mid-term and end-of-semester grades will need to be uploaded within 2 weeks of receiving them.

In order to remain enrolled in the program, Team Members are expected to be in good standing with the company. Callouts without an attempt to find a cover, clear violations of company policy, poor attitude, lack of productivity, etc., are all grounds for being removed from the program.

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